Plants Vs. Zombies


Instantly Devours a Zombie, Multi-Use

The Chomper is a plant in Plants Vs. Zombies. It can eat Zombies, but takes a while to chew. It is vulnerable when chewing. The Chomper and the Cob Cannon are the only Multi-Use Instant Kill Plant.

Description Edit

The Chomper appears almost exactly like a Piranha Plant from the Super Mario game series. It has spikes on the top of its head and has a large mouth with sharp teeth. It has no visible eyes.

Almanac Entry Edit


Chompers can devour a zombie whole, but they are vulnerable while chewing.

Damage: massive

Range: very short

Special: long delay between chomps

Chomper almost got a gig doing stunts for The Little Shop of Horrors but it fell through when his agent demanded too much on the front end. Chomper's not resentful, though. He says it's just part of the business.

Cost: 150

Recharge: fast

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