Cob Cannon


Plants Vs. Zombies


Instant Kill, Multi-Use

The Cob Cannon is a Plant Upgrade for the Kernel-Pult. It must be planted on two side by side Kernel Pults (Horizontal). The Cob Cannon upgrade can be bought from Crazy Dave's Shop for $20,000. It takes exactly 36.41 seconds for the Cob Cannon to make a new Corn. This is the second to last plant, before only the Imitater.

Description Edit

The Cob Cannon appears like a cob of corn sitting on its side atop a wooden cart, with a slice of corn as the wheels. The green part of the Corn acts as the cannon, while the Corn acts as the projectile. The Cob Cannon has narrowed red eyes.

Almanac Entry Edit

Cob Cannon

Tap or click on the Cob Cannon to launch deadly cobs of corn.

Must be planted on 2 side by side kernel-pults

What's the deal with Cob Cannon, anyway? He went to Harvard. He practices law in a prestigious New York firm. He can explode whole areas of zombies with a single corn launch. All this is common knowledge. But deep inside, what really makes him tick?

Cost: 500

Recharge: very slow

Cob Recharge: 36.4 secs.

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