Plants Vs. Zombies


Explodes Instantly On All Zombies In A Huge Area, and Leaves a Crater, which Cannot Be Planted On

The Doom-Shroom is a Plant in Plants Vs. Zombies. It explodes instantly on all zombies in a huge area, and leaves a crater which cannot be planted on. The Doom-Shroom destroys Lily Pads, Flower Pots, and Pumpkins if planted on while detonating. It is the second most powerful weapon in Plants Vs. Zombies, behind only the Lawn Mower[1].

Description Edit

The Doom-Shroom appears as a Metallic Mushroom with Red Eyes and a Black Top.

Almanac Entry Edit


Doom-shrooms destroy everything in a large area and leave a crater that can't be planted on.
Damage: massive

Range: all zombies in a huge area

Usage: single use, instant

Special: leaves a crater

Sleeps during the day

"You're lucky I'm on your side," says Doom-shroom. "I could destroy everything you hold dear. It wouldn't be hard."

Cost: 125

Recharge: very slow

References Edit

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