Moxie provides optional word themed minigames to provide the player with extra potions and gems before continuing in Adventure mode and points in the minigames from the Main Menu.


Moxie is a fox who provides minigames to help Lex in Bookworm Adventures and it sequel, Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 (also known as Bookworm Adventures 2). She apparently seems to have a crush on Lex since she first called him "handsome" in the first Bookworm Adventures game, and then called him "tiger" in the sequel. Both happened when Moxie made her first appearance in the games.


  • Moxie makes her first appearance after Chapter 3 of Book 1 is defeated.The first minigame also becomes available during this time.
  • Moxie appears in every minigame and also appears whenever Lex gets defeated so that the player can earn gems and potions by playing the word themed minigames. She also appears when the player gets to choose a minigame in the Minigame Hut in the both of the Volumes, and in the Minigames options in the Adventure mode and Adventure Replay mode in the sequel.
  • She seems to have a crush on Lex since she called him handsome in her first appearance in Bookworm Adventures, and in the sequel she called him tiger in her second debut.
  • She resembles a fortune teller and has a Crystal Ball which she waves her hands around it whenever the player submits a word.
  • Moxie also appears after the each round in Arena mode in both games to give one of each potion.